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‘All Abilities Access’ Video Series

Parks Victoria

Parks should be for everyone. They’re calming, regenerative and should be easy for everyone to visit.

The tricky thing is, the terrain can be a barrier and most people don’t know what to expect when they visit. What’s there? How’s the surface? Are there allocated accessible car parks and toilets?

Parks Victoria engaged us to research, write, edit and produce videos for 10 selected parks –showcasing the access for mobility.

We worked with John Kenwright in the Parks Victoria Access and Inclusion team and Nick Esser in Marketing - along with staff and rangers - to understand the history, biodiversity and uniqueness of each park.

After inviting family and our friends from the disabled community - we got to filming. Across a 6-month period dodging COVID lockdowns we shot at these wonderful public parks – some of them iconic Victorian destinations in their own right. We provided planning, talent, voice-over, camera work, motion graphics, edits and final output

The first video, covering Tidal River at Wilsons Promontory, was released on ‘International Wheelchair Day’ in March 2021. It showcased the accommodation options, beach access and accessible walks. Within three days more than 2,000 people had viewed the video sharing with their networks. Three months later it had reached over 10K views. Importantly, the video was shared widely to those who were planning to visit – proving the information was what they needed to plan and visit with confidence.

The pilot series paved the way with plans to develop similar content showcasing other disabilities in other parks. This is one of our first projects and is very close to our hearts, we’d like to thank all involved – with special thanks to John Kenwright.

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Ryan using a lowered drinking fountain
the silhouettes of 2 people facing away from the camera, one in a wheelchair on walking. The sky is bright blue, they're next to a lake
a photo of 2 people walking next to a lake on a sunny day. One's in a wheelchair wearing a white shirt and jeans, the other has dark blue slacks and a blue jumper
a graphic of a map, simple green colouring, white arrows are pointing to various picnic areas

Ryan’s great to work with - he’s meticulously prepared, open-minded and adaptable.

Nick Esser, Senior Marketing Officer, Parks Victoria

All Abilities Access Video Series

Wilsons Promontory

The world-class facilities at this park include accessible cabins, beach wheelchairs, accessible walks, bathroom equipment and the off-road Trailrider wheelchair.

All Abilities Access Video Series

Ngamadjidj Shelter Walk

Get up-close to paintings by first-nations peoples on the short accessible walk within the Grampians National Park.

All Abilities Access Video Series

Werribee Park and the Victoria State Rose Garden

A slice of history awaits at this mansion on wide manacured gardens – adjacent to the Victorian State Rose Garden.

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