The Access Agency


Creating and promoting accessible visitor experiences for everyone

1. Accessible Tourism Strategy & Guidelines

Develop a vision and business case for Inclusive Tourism. Clarifying opportunities and enabling people to service the sector with defined objectives. See the Accessible Information Guidelines we created for Queensland Government (for Get Skilled Access) or the Communications and Campaign work we did with Mornington Peninsula Shire.

  • Tourism Destination Management Plan Advisory Services
  • Industry Development and Training
  • Destination Marketing Plan Advisory Services
  • Accessible Communications / Marketing Review
  • Accessible Tourism Strategy
  • Product Development & Innovation
  • Accessible Tourism Workshops / Executive Engagement
  • Staff Training from Lived Experience
  • Competitor/Region Benchmarking

2. Digital and Physical Accessibility Reviews

Uncovering barriers to access in physical and digital properties with a qualified Access Consultant. We find solutions for existing barriers, review existing product and develop future inclusive experiences. Talk to us about the digital accessibility review we did for Sovereign Hill or the Access review we undertook for Monty Hub.

  • Physical Access – Audits, Reporting and Universal Design
  • Digital Accessibility – Reviews and Reporting
  • Mystery shopping
  • Physical and Digital Accessibility Benchmarking

3. Promote Accessibility and Connect with Customers

Connect with a growing customer base who demand good access to great products. We use digital marketing best practice to provide information and materials when they’re needed – so visitors can visit easier and explore more. See our videos for Parks Victoria and Ability Fest

  • Accessible Itinerary Design
  • Tailored Messaging and Positioning for Accessibility
  • ‘Digital Accessibility Hub’ Content and Design
  • Region-specific Visitor Access Guides
  • Communication Design
  • Map Design and Wayfinding
  • Campaign Design and Artwork
  • Video Design and Production

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