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Accessible Dining in Melbourne video

City of Melbourne

The last few years have played havoc with visitor numbers to large cities. Lockdowns forced residents to steer-clear and getting city workers to return is proving difficult.

The City of Melbourne (CoM) pushed forward with activation programs, large-scale events and messaging through digital channels – slowly drawing people back into the heart of the city.

We approached them with the aim of creating a video to show a range of accessible experiences in the CBD – a liveable city is an accessible one.

A dining theme emerged, and the job was to create a short video for social media and Visitor Information Centres (VICs). Working with a talented team that included the City of Melbourne’s in-house crew at What’s on Melbourne and their oft used video and photo team.

Auditing the eateries was the first task, followed by pulling together talent and then storyboarding the accessibility elements. The filming was undertaken by Tim J Smith and photography by Dan Castella.

The final cut shows Melbourne at her vibrant and welcoming best. Day-to-night and suited for all budgets, our city has so much to offer in accessible, inclusive drinking and dining options.

The video was released with an accompanying post on What’s on Melbourne. Footage will remain in the Visit Melbourne asset library as evergreen content.

Dining in Melbourne? You had me at #accessible!

Approximately 25% of national and international visitors to the CBD are aged 55 years and over

Melbourne - A Great Place to Age, City Of Melbourne 2020

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