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Accessible Content Guidelines & Video Script Writing

Get Skilled Access | Queensland Government

Sometimes you want a map or guidebook to step you though an unfamiliar or complex topic.

That’s the idea behind the Accessible Communications Guidelines we wrote for local government agencies (LGAs) on behalf of the terrific team at Get Skilled Access.

Contracted as part of the Queensland Accessible Tourism project, we provided a 30-page document outlining accessibility principles and considerations in simple terms. It’s delivered as part of a suite of Accessible Tourism resources.

We documented best practice in digital accessibility with topics including communications workflow, producing accessible articles, undertaking a video and audio content, accessible publishing and reviewing content for good access.

The resulting guide is an invaluable resource – one tourism businesses and LGAs can use to provide material for all kinds of visitors.

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Script Writing for Accessible Tourism Video Modules

In additon to the guidelines we wrote the scripts for an accompanying video series.

This was an exercise in clarity and brevity. The challenge was to create succinct, conversational language covering 5 topic areas – ‘Defining disability, accessibility and inclusion’, ‘The Language of Disability’, ‘Inclusive Mindset and Universal Design’, ‘Misconceptions and Unconscious Bias’, and ‘The Business Case for Accessible Tourism’.

Working with the amazing team at Get Skilled Access – the results are clear, casual and powerful. We hope you like them as much as we do.

Providing visitor materials everyone can use.

98% of your customers will carry out some research online before they arrange a visit. Just like physical access, when you provide information in an accessible format, all your customers benefit. Ensuring your visitor materials are universally available means baking it into your process and aligning to best-practice. We can help.

Thanks Ryan!

Nicole, Principle Consultant, Get Skilled Access

Provide visitor information for everyone

Accessible information, delivered in a way everyone can use